Bloxer Features


b!help - Shows all of the bot commands that are available.

b!user - Gets a ROBLOX user's information.

b!game - Search for a ROBLOX game.

b!audio - Search for a ROBLOX audio.

b!group - Search for a ROBLOX group.

b!avatar - Get a user's avatar.

b!getlink - Get a ROBLOX profile link from a username.

b!random - Obtain a random ROBLOX profile link.

b!ping - Get Bloxer's ping.

b!invite - Invite Bloxer.


Display user information for a specified ROBLOX profile.

This command will bring up stats such as a user's name, ID, account creation date, banned status, status, description, and their follower and friend count!


Search for any ROBLOX game.

This command will show game stats such as the name, creator, both game and creator IDs, and player stats along with the amount of upvotes and downvotes.


Search for any uploaded ROBLOX audio.

This command will let you search for an audio on ROBLOX all from Discord. It will display the audio name and description, along with it's ID and creator. It also shows social stats such as the update date and the amount of favorites.

And More

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